Feel more connected at home, at work, and with your friends. 


Sometimes being insightful is a gift…and sometimes it’s exhausting. When you’re especially considerate, you tend to be very aware of what the people around you are thinking and feeling.

This can be so draining! You enjoy spending time with people, but you find yourself spending half your time wondering if they’re silently criticizing you. You find yourself scanning previous conversations for any missteps you might have made, avoiding conflict and constantly swinging between self-judgment and defensiveness.

I want to help you feel more at ease, to be more accepting of yourself and of other people. I'm talking about profound shifts – this is not a fake-it-til-you-make-it situation. I mean that I believe you deserve and can have a real sense of peace on a gut level. That kind of peace means you'll actually be able to experience joy when you're in it, instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop. 


Let's get down to it.

 This is me.

This is me.

Your cruel inner critic, your impulse to assume the worst, your fear that someone will find out that you're defective -- those don't just go away because you notice them. I have methods and tools to help you become friends with your own mind.

Change your life for the better.

 The room where it happens.

The room where it happens.

Here's the deal: I don't have a magic wand but I can help you learn how to make your own mind-blowing changes. I've got tools, you've got motivation. Together, we're going to do beautiful work. 


Clients say that they like my insight, and my irreverent sense of humor. I'm here for everything you've got to throw at me.

I am an Associate Professional Counselor under the supervision of Dr. David Lane and under the direction of Dr. Kevin Freeman.